For 30 years we have been designing events and permanent installations around the world.

From a simple projection of a logo to a complex video mapping show, tell us your idea and we will support you from the event design to the final installation. Otherwise, entrust your idea entirely to our light designers for a turnkey project! Browse the gallery to see some of PROIETTA’s signed projects. Whether you are an installer, a creative, a lighting designer or anything else, we are at your disposal to design your set in an original and functional way. Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page, and we will contact you to study together the best possible solution.


Why choose PROIETTA?

Create your great projection mapping event with us.


PROIETTA specializes in creating 360° architectural projections, highly engaging light shows that take place all around the viewer, on every visible architectural surface within a particular context, such as a square. Proietta creates these 360° shows even without relying exclusively on video mapping. Through thirty years of experience and theuse of various technologiesPROIETTA has developed a highly diversified and personalized approach to creating shows that are able to maintain the audience’s attention and offer a large-scale product at affordable costs


How can you create an immersive and engaging show, with mapped projections on every building in a large square?

And how can you contain the costs of such an event?


PROIETTA offers solutions for immersive mapped projections of extraordinary impact and strong engagement at affordable costs. This is possible thanks to a mix of factors that make the company unique in its sector. With PROIETTA, architectural projections don’t just mean video mapping, but also gobo mapping. By combining these different technologies, you’ll create a memorable show while staying within your budget.


Where does the difference lie between video mapping and gobo mapping?

And what are the advantages?


Video mapping is achieved using video projectors, which can be installed outdoors thanks to PROIETTA’s protective casews. It allows for the creation of highly dynamic mapped videos, particularly suitable for attracting attention to an emblematic building within the chosen urban space. It’s the most expensive technology and will be the focal point of your show.

Gobo mapping uses PROIETTA projectors, which can be installed outdoors without the need for additional protection. It allows for the creation of mapped images that decorate surfaces with vivid colors and completely customizable themes, particularly suitable for other buildings within the chosen urban space. It’s the most economical technology and creates the immersive atmosphere of your show.


Thediversified use of video mapping and gobo mapping is less expensive, for example, than the use of 360° video mapping, but this savings does not come at the expense of quality. The combination, in fact, allows for even more effective for even more effective and, avoiding the dispersion of attention on too many focal elements, which would detract from the entire immersive experience. The viewer will be progressively attracted to the main building,with its spectacular video mapping; the other buildings,perfectly fitted with elegant images, will immerse them in acomplementary atmosphere to the themes of the video mapping,within which their gaze can wander and discover, from corner to corner, always new and amazing details.


PROIETTA: hardware production and multimedia content in a single company


Your savings and the success of your show will be made possible by another important trait of our company: PROIETTA takes care of every production aspect of architectural projection, from hardware installations to projection content, relying on a team of professionals that includes designers, technicians, and creatives.

For PROIETTA, production is synonymous with synergy, a way of operating that allows us to offer high-profile products in every technical aspect, guaranteeing reliability, durability, and effectiveness.


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