PROIETTA specializes in providing systems and services for creating water screen shows, offering complete solutions for this type of projection. This technology allows images, videos, graphics, lasers, and light shows to be projected onto a mist of water droplets, which behave like a suspended screen in mid-air. This screen, barely visible in the night light, gives the projections a suggestive holographic effect capable of creating vivid sensations of three-dimensionality, particularly realistic and effective. The images appear above the surface of the water, with the sensation of emerging from it or floating above it.


The misting system uses special pumps that can be installed in rivers, lakes, seas, artificial basins, and swimming pools, allowing the creation of water screens in any of these contexts and for events of all kinds, including:


  • Corporate events
  • Galas
  • Conferences
  • Product launches
  • Inaugurations
  • Public events


The water screen offers a safe and amazing visual impact, making it an ideal option for any occasion that wants to stand out for prestige and originality. The visual results obtained, while outstanding in their ability to amaze and attract the viewer’s gaze, are always characterized by a sense of elegance and lightness, particularly suitable for high-end events. PROIETTA has acquired the necessary vast experience to meet the specific needs of each customer, with customized solutions adapted to different contexts.