For over 25 years PROIETTA has been designing and manufacturing products for outdoor architectural projections. Italian production and experience accompany a wide range of items to cover all needs: from graphic engraving, to architectural projections of simple colors or images, to video mapping. Discover our products or, if you prefer, request free consultancy for a project.

The range of architectural and Christmas projectors of PROIETTA manufacture, has been designed for quick and easy installations within the reach of the non-professional user. In fact, our projectors allow the insertion of any dynamic effect and accessory without complicated programming. PROIETTA projectors are already suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Christmas projections
  • architectural projections
  • logos projection
  • images projection
  • dynamic effects projection
architectural led projector for outdoor use
architectural led projector for outdoor use
PROJECTOR Thorok Proietta

For over 25 years, thanks to high-definition lasers, PROIETTA has been processing and engraving very high quality graphics. Our dynamic effects and our gobos can be made in different colors and can be customized on request. In addition, PROIETTA graphics department offers a graphic service that deals with the layout of content in a harmonious and functional way for projection.

  • Available in any size
  • Customizable on request
  • A lot of graphics are already designed for any occasion

The air-conditioned enclosures patented by PROIETTA allow the installation of video projectors outdoors, even in adverse weather conditions thus allowing the creation of video mapping in the presence of rain, snow, smog, fog, humidity, dust, high and low temperatures.

AF6 enclosure for video projectors
AF10 enclosure for video projectors
AF20 enclosure for video projectors
AF24 enclosure for video projectors
AF32 enclosure for video projectors
  • colour changing architectural lighting
  • white architectural lighting

This is a great product ideal for architectural projections and for creating chromatic atmospheres. Easy to install and manageable in DMX.

Outdoor led color projector