PROIETTA has been inventing, designing and producing architectural projectors since 1993. Our projectors can transform any building or surface into an unbelievable screen. Creativity is in our DNA, and our 25 years’ experience in the designing and production of projectors and accessories for events enables us to guarantee spectacular solutions anywhere in the world. At Christmas the city of Como attracts over 2 million visitors who come to see our fantastic projections: it is one example of what we can do. Buildings, castles, industrial buildings, hangers, even mountains 2 km away are our ideal screens. PROIETTA refines and creates video-mapping and can use water surfaces as screens for incredible holographic projections. PROIETTA doesn’t just mean large challenging undertakings, we also value smaller more simple projections like a logo or colour effects on small or medium sized surfaces. Are you a light designer, an architect, or an installer? We can help you with any project big or small. Become part of the PROIETTA network! You can find our whole range of PROIETTA products on this page, if you have any questions on what you need, just browse our PROJECTION EXAMPLE page, we will help you find the right solution. Come and visit our showroom and our gobos incision and dynamic effects department.