An increasing number of shopping centers choose PROIETTA to create projections of advertising or Christmas scenery on their facades, with different effects every year and in accordance with the message to be conveyed, whether it is promotional or festive. The projection themes are personalized according to the client’s instructions and designed to adapt not only to the occasion but also to the characteristics of the surfaces on which they wish to project; different materials, in fact, react differently to light, both from a chromatic point of view (a red brick wall, for example, will “warm up” all the colors slightly) and for the degree of photoabsorption (shiny or opaque walls, or of varying degrees of darkness).


The choice of the most suitable projector model is also made taking into consideration the characteristics of the walls; for large external facades, for example, the most suitable Proietta projector is the IMPRESSIVE 1200-2500W, while for decorating entrances the THOROK LED 700W is particularly suitable, also usable in combination with accessories such as PRISMA COLOR.