PROIETTA’s architectural projection systems, thanks to their powerful luminosity and extreme versatility of application, are ideal for projections on the facades of castles, towers and bastions, creating suggestive light scenes. Proietta has worked on large projection projects on castles and medieval villages using all the different technological combinations available to the company: from color-changing lights for simple but charming chromatic effects, to image and decorative theme projection, to dynamic effects in cyclic motion , to elaborate video mapping; all these solutions do not exclude each other, and indeed, through their combined use, they can contribute to creating a show characterized by both originality and uniqueness, as well as organicity and cohesion, thanks to a careful study of balances carried out by our creative department, in constant dialogue with the customer, to fully satisfy their needs. The dialogue and exchange of ideas continue within our team, which always operates on the basis of a careful historical and scenographic study of the context that will host the projection show, so that the final product adheres closely not only to the architectural profiles of the buildings to be illuminated, but also to their history, the theme of the occasion, the general atmosphere of the place, aiming for a result that enhances the context without distorting its original characteristics.

Creating projections on important historical buildings can be the ideal opportunity to combine the entertainment features offered by architectural projection, with its educational and cultural potential. The audience will not only be impressed by the spectacle of a video mapping and the vivid colors of the lights projected by color-changing lights or gobo projectors, but will also be led into an enriching educational experience, made captivating and memorable by images and sounds. The castle can be “rebuilt” in its aspects prior to the current one, in different architectural phases of its history; lost frescoes can be projected, or partially preserved motifs and decorations can be completed. A real virtual restoration, in short, which PROIETTA has already carried out, for several projects, in collaboration with industry specialists. This type of intervention, with a distinctly cultural character, can be accompanied by video mapping segments that tell the story of the castle or the historical building protagonist, its illustrious past inhabitants, its role in the present… all this, without ever sacrificing the pleasure of the eyes and ears, always combining culture with entertainment.