The brightness of IMPRESSIVE 1200-2500W projectors allows to cover wide projection diameters, typically necessary for large scale projections. This feature of projectors is often complemented by gobo mapping technology, which offers the ability to adapt the projected image to the dimensional and perspective characteristics of different surfaces, allowing for high-quality projections even on complex facades, characterized by numerous irregularities or curved architectural elements. PROIETTA’s graphic department has extensive experience in adjusting the colors of images, which must be calibrated from time to time to achieve a consistently bright chromatic rendering, even on dark or highly photo-absorbent surfaces.


The projections on the Mole Antonelliana, carried out by PROIETTA for several years, constitute an excellent example for the application of the adjustments described above. The dome of the famous Turin building has a curved and partially light-absorbing surface. The projections, viewed from below and at a distance, must, therefore, take into account the strong perspective angle given both by the observer’s point of view and by the curvature of the dome itself, and the definition and intensity of the image must be adapted to the particular chromatic tone of the architectural surfaces.