Finding increasingly creative ways to make your brand stand out and attract potential customers is essential for successful marketing. An effective technique in this regard is that of advertising projections, which allow for the projection of large-scale images onto building walls or other public areas.


What are the advantages?


  • STRATEGIC POSITIONING: Advertising projections can be strategically positioned to reach the target audience. For example, they can be projected onto buildings or monuments in highly frequented places such as squares or shopping centers, without the need for expensive permanent LED screens or advertising panels.
  • CREATIVITY: Advertising projections offer various creative possibilities in terms of content and form. This allows brands to create unique and innovative advertising messages that differentiate them from the competition.
  • FLEXIBILITY AND CONVENIENCE: Advertising projections can be used in different contexts, such as events, fairs, exhibitions, shows, and presentations. This allows brands to reach their audience at different times and in different places, and the projections can be easily varied by simply replacing the GOBOS, the discs on which the graphics are engraved and which are located inside the projectors.


The use of image projectors for advertising projections can be an interesting alternative to traditional promotional campaigns, such as billboards or television advertisements, as it offers an original and effective way to advertise a brand or commercial entity.

The architectural projectors Proietta Thorok, Impressive, Palladio, and Iridium are some of the best tools for creating advertising projections; each of these models offers extraordinary performance and unique features: our projectors are ideal for various applications!



Thanks to the technique of mapped projections, it is possible to insert one’s message, logo, or image while respecting the projection surfaces and existing architectural elements. This greatly expands creative possibilities, allowing designers to use the features of the building on which they want to project to develop original, innovative, and always personalized advertising messages, playing graphically with the surface and obtaining surprising effects, similar to those of street art.


The experience of PROIETTA’s staff can help you not only in choosing the best projector based on your needs but also provide you with technical-creative support to make your projection the best it can be. Request information!