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PROIETTA has created projections on casinos with static graphics and dynamic effects, also combined with colour-changing spotlights. The projections were developed both around gaming themes (with effects such as dynamic falls of chips, stars, and playing cards) and around the Christmas theme, with typical holiday iconography. The impressive visual rendering of these projections finds additional communicative and advertising possibilities in the combination with official logos or customizable messages, through which the specific identity of the different gaming rooms is conveyed more effectively.


Several casinos have chosen Proietta to decorate their facades with projections and lighting; in Switzerland, our company has been chosen by the Teatro & Casino in Locarno, while in Italy we have created projections for the Casinò di Sanremo, the Admiral Casino in Mendrisio, and the Casinò di Venezia, in both its locations of Ca’ Vendramin Calergi in the historic center and Ca’ Noghera, a detached location situated in the Municipality of Favaro Veneto. For the Ca’ Vendramin Calergi location, theme decorations were also created for the Venice Carnival and International Women’s Day.

Projection for Casinò


A video mapping by Proietta celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Partouche group’s foundation.

As the leading casino operator in France with 41 locations, Partouche has been providing not only gaming entertainment since 1973 but also the hospitality of hotels and restaurants.

Proietta has developed a short video mapping on the Cannes headquarters, featuring animations that enhance the building and the celebratory event.

Video mapping proves to be a highly captivating tool suitable for various occasions, capable of transforming building facades into large, spectacular screens.