Since 2019, the city of Lecco has been hosting the “Lights on Lecco” event, which during the Christmas season colors and illuminates the entire center of the municipality on Lake Como. The dynamic projection setup curated by PROIETTA decorates the facades of Piazza XX Settembre with Christmas-themed displays. The innovative THOROK LED projectors are the protagonists of this installation, allowing for low energy consumption despite the vast surfaces to be lit. Evocative video mapping animates the famous Palazzo delle Paure with an external montage made possible by the PROIETTA air-conditioned protection that shields the projector from weather and temperature fluctuations. In past editions, the square has been transformed into a cheerful “toyland,” with dynamic effects and colorful characters placed in respect of the windows of houses, so as not to disturb residents during the holidays.


The 2022 edition of “Lights on Lecco”, inaugurated on November 26th, also focused on the theme of toys, but with a new and particular approach: “The Factory of Wonders” recreated old-fashioned games using video mapping techniques and our outdoor projectors. This allowed us to animate the facades of buildings and individual architectural elements with lights, images, graphic effects, and sounds, as was done for the city arches and the pier. An overall direction attentive to detail has transformed the entire center of Lecco into an open-air Christmas show, covering various streets, points of attraction, a children’s area, and the port area. The magical interactive carpet was dedicated to children, while in the pier area, a bright moon on the lake, surrounded by stars, made the lake panorama even more suggestive. The event saw the participation of several thousand people. We are proud to have created such an immersive and exciting experience for both adults and children.

Christmas atmosphere in the city with christmas lights