Moncalieri has chosen PROIETTA to create an evocative 360° projection set design in Piazza Maggiore (now Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II). The final result combines the technology and spectacle of video mapping with mapped architectural projections.


To further intrigue the audience, the talking statue of Neptune is added; animated with a video projection, it comes to life and narrates the historical events of the city, accompanied by sound and light effects.


Under the arcade, an interactive Christmas-themed game has been installed to engage the little ones.


Among the illuminated facades, there is also that of the Royal Castle, an impressive structure dating back to the 17th century.


In 2022, the chosen set design for the event is inspired by Christmas night; stars and constellations create a magical and enchanting atmosphere, immersing the audience in a vast celestial backdrop where the star of the Magi Kings takes center stage.

Video mapping e proiezioni architetturali natalizie
Castello di Moncalieri, proiezioni natalizie
La scenografia di proiezioni a Moncalieri curata da Proietta

The design has been meticulously crafted by PROIETTA, who has created a sophisticated, original, and exclusive set design to enhance the beauty of the square and evoke a sense of magic.


The video mapping, with evocative and sparkling effects, brought the stars and their light to life, making the experience even more engaging and mesmerizing. Thanks to the installation of climate-controlled cases, the video projectors were installed outdoors without the risk of damage from rain, snow, or humidity.


An example, such as Moncalieri, of a 360° immersive installation that engages the viewer by placing them in a completely new context, revealed at sunset and enhancing the Christmas atmosphere.