PROIETTA participated, in partnership with MPR Integrated Communication, at the promotion of the new tablet NVIDIA SHIELD with a 3D videomapping projection during the famous event LUCCA COMICS & GAMES.

NVIDIA Italy has chosen to promote its new product by taking a strong emotional impact tool: the video mapping projection. The show has caught the +attention of the huge Italian and international audience, about 400,000 people, who has rushed in Lucca for the event.

A strong impact light show: video games that appear between arches and windows, light trails playing with the architectural details, the illusion of sudden collapses , a spectacular motion graphic enhanced by an engaging soundtrack has caught the attention of many fans of gaming that from 18.00 to 22.30 of the four nights of the event, has passed in the charming Piazza del Giglio.

Thanks to the installation of two 20,000 ANSI lumens projectors, the visibility of the projection has been guaranteed and valued. The surprise effect of the unexpected spectacle of light and sound and the originality of the choise of the 3D videomapping tool, has ensured the involvement of the audience by conveying the new NVIDIA product presented during the event.

The realisation of the video mapping required PROIETTA AF protective enclosure for the outdoor use of the video projector.