Since 1993, PROIETTA has been inventing, designing and producing architectural projectors that transform any building or surface into an extraordinary screen. Creativity is part of our DNA, and our 30 years of experience in producing projectors and accessories, as well as event design, enables us to guarantee spectacular solutions at the highest levels anywhere in the world.


PROIETTA creates events with projections and video-mapping in Italy and abroad, attracting over 2 million visitors during the Christmas season in the city of Como alone. The dynamic falling effect of snowflakes and stars, created by Proietta in the late 90s, has now spread worldwide. The same pioneering spirit led the company, starting from 2010, to create mapped lights using gobos. Proietta transforms buildings, castles, industrial warehouses, and mountains into ideal screens for spectacular projections, using technologies such as:


  • IMPRESSIVE PROJECTORS   for projections on large surfaces and over long distances
  • THOROK, PALLADIO, IRIDIUM PROJECTORS   with powerful, low-energy LED lights
  • OUTDOOR VIDEO PROJECTORS   weatherproof and dust-proof protection against harsh weather conditions and theft.
  • GOBOS   for static projections of images or logos
  • MAPPED GOBOS   for custom static projections on individual buildings, monuments, etc.
  • DYNAMIC EFFECTS   for decorative, festive-themed, water or fire effects
  • ARCHILED LIGHTS, BARS, and WALL WASHERS   for impressive chromatic effects
  • WATER SCREENS   for incredible holographic projections on rivers, lakes, sea, artificial basins
  • VIDEO MAPPING   for animated shows that play with the shapes and volumes of buildings, animate talking trees, facades, monuments
  • INTERACTIVE EFFECTS   for wall or floor projections that interact with the audience


PROIETTA doesn’t only mean big projects, but also simpler projections such as a logo or color effects, on small and medium-sized facades. Are you a light designer, architect, or installer? We can work with you on any project and help you choose the best solution for your needs. Come visit us, and you can see our showroom, production departments, gobo engraving and dynamic effects departments.